What is Negative Energy

What is Negative Energy

Negative energy is something that has an undesirable/damaging effect on us, in our homes or on our land.


On people the symptoms range from anxiety, general discomfort, a bad run of luck or just knowing something is generally wrong (a dodgy feeling).

Homes and Buildings

In homes or buildings, this could range from anything like a general feeling of discomfort to complete dread of going home or being in that environment. As it goes up the scale it can cause arguments or inexplicable events or situations arising.


On Land, symptoms like plants not growing or not flourishing as they should, cats and dogs hissing/growling for no apparent reason or just not like going there. Perhaps an eerie feeling as you spend time in that space or avoiding it for no apparent reason other than discomfort.


Depending on the object various things could happen from you just not liking it, getting an eerie feeling from the object, you regularly drop it, some sort of accident or you just don’t like the energy.

Psychic Attack

Maxine describes Psychic Attack as someone directing unpleasant thoughts at you (whether deliberately or not). The energy from these thoughts can be harmful to our equilibrium as they tend to linger with side effects to our emotional and physical states.

Are thoughts really that powerful?

Yes. If we think back to the recent headlines about the new prosthetic limb that is controlled by the mind, this proves how powerful the mind can be once our determined thoughts are ready to put energy into doing something.

On her call outs Maxine often finds these events are caused by either our own lingering negative thoughts from the past or present, or someone psychically attacking us – a clearing can help remove these lingering energies reinstating balance.

However in all cases it could also be caused by an unwanted spirit and this is also something that Maxine has experience of and can help you with.

In rare instances there are cases of the more serious phenomena. For such instances Maxine has a highly skilled and experienced team that work closely with her on these jobs.

If you are experiencing any of the above issues and need assistance, please do give Maxine a call on: 020 8923 4567


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