The Spiritual Worker
Reiki Healing & Crystal Healing Practitioner (Master)

Maxine Ross | The Mews Therapy Rooms, 118/120 Connaught Ave, Frinton-on-Sea CO139AL| Mobile: 07956 213 203 | Email:


Having taken advice from the IPHM (the international body that have awarded me with an international accreditation for the professional courses I have written and teach ), I have put in place the following measures:

I will be wearing a face shield for your safety;

I clean all surfaces (door handles, hand rails) in between every client;

Thorough washing of hands between every client and prior to commencing treatments;

If you have a condition that makes you exempt from wearing a mask, you will not be questioned as a level of trust must be built between us;

If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID19, please rearrange your appmnt to a time you are symptom free;

Should you be diagnosed with COVID19 within 14 days of attending an appmnt with me, please can you let me know so I can alert my clients - your details will of course be kept confidential so you will not be named.


Prior to Covid, both Reiki and Crystal Healing were performed with cleansed bare hands as the warmth given off from the hands is an essential part of the treatments I give and described by clients as  comforting and plays a huge part of the service I provide - however, the end result is the same whether or not I wear gloves.  Before performing any treatment with or without gloves, my hands are thoroughly washed. However I do need to you to indicate your preference below by putting an x next to your choice:

Do you have:

I give my permission for me to receive Reiki Healing/Crystal Healing from Maxine Ross


There are 2hrs of free parking on Connaught Avenue provided you park within the bays.


The cost for Reiki and Crystal Healing is £60. I accept either cash or bank transfer.

Cancellation Policy: 24 hours notice